支持 & 社区

我们的学生构成了正规赌博十大平台排行校园的核心, 与教师合作, staff 和 each other to ensure they have a 社区 that reflects 和 honors their diversity. 他们享受到满足他们所有饮食需求的食物, 以及健康和学术支持,让他们茁壮成长. Set in a vibrant residential neighborhood with access to all Denver has to offer, you'll experience the benefits of a tight-knit liberal arts school 和 a big-city university at the same time.

You'll build friendships with students from around the world in student housing. Our academic support services ensure you have expert help on a huge range of topics. Professional on-campus health 和 counseling services will help you stay healthy 和 comfortable in your new home.

Our dining hall provides made-from-scratch meals using local 和 sustainable ingredients, 涵盖了从地中海到中国的菜系. Abundant vegetarian, vegan 和 allergy-friendly options ensure everyone has plenty of choices.

Food options mere steps away from campus range from pizza to Thai 和 Lebanese, 骑自行车或坐火车就可以到达城市的其他地方, you'll have the the opportunity to take advantage of Denver's growing 和 diverse cultural scene. 无论你喜欢墨西哥卷饼卡车还是品尝菜单, 旧货店或精品店, 博物馆或舞厅, 丹佛给人兴奋和灵感.

Our students' passion 和 involvement make our 社区 truly special. 从欢迎你来到学校的那一刻起, 你要贡献你的想法和声音, blazing a trail that will help lead our dynamic 和 diverse 社区 into the future. 我们期待您的加入.


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    我们的建筑可以追溯到19世纪90年代, 建于20世纪30年代, 1950s 和 early 21st century all meshing to create a gorgeous 和 unified campus.

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    We've opened 19 new academic, residential 和 administrative buildings since 1997.

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    从2006年到2015年,我们的碳足迹减少了27%, 尽管校园面积增长了9%. 

  • 排球

    最初是作为植物园设计的, 我们绿树成荫的校园为户外活动提供了广阔的空间.

  • 音乐

    纽曼表演艺术中心拥有400多家剧院, 音乐和舞蹈表演一年, 从学生到国际巡演音乐家.

  • 攀岩

    参加里奇中心的运动和健身活动, 它是我们许多俱乐部和校内运动的场地. 它还设有库尔斯健身中心, where swimmers 和 ice skaters can take advantage of the Olympic-sized pool 和 the Joy Burns Arena.

  • 学生们在一起

    Our dining halls offer made-from-scratch meals that can be customized to meet any dietary need.


住房 & 餐厅

First- 和 second-year students live on campus 和 have meal plans for their first two years. 这是DU经历中最令人难忘的部分之一. 不仅仅是一个睡觉的地方, residence halls provide the perfect setting for developing friendships 和 building communities with students from across the globe.

That 社区 building often happens over meals at our dining hall 和 variety of retail dining options. 承诺负责任的采购, 划痕烹饪和饮食敏感性, 我们提供的食物不仅仅是美味, but that takes into account the health of individual students 和 the planet. 我们的厨师会很乐意与任何学生讨论他们的饮食需求, making sure to address any concerns before that student arrives on campus.






我们位于丹佛市的中心, with easy access to its colorful 和 lively neighborhoods by foot 和 bicycle. Quality public transportation makes exploring other parts of the city a breeze. 一些学生也选择把他们的车开到校园.



Denver has an excellent public transportation system that connects DU to the entire city. Of central importance is the light rail, which has a stop adjacent to campus. 乘坐轻轨可以方便地前往丹佛的各个目的地, 从市中心到机场和郊区. +, the city's extensive bus system covers all of Denver 和 offers options to travel as far as Boulder, 科罗拉多斯普林斯和柯林斯堡.


骑自行车 & 走

杜的社区非常适合步行和骑自行车. The variety of nearby resources means you can often find what you need a brief walk from campus. 我们也有一个蓬勃发展的自行车共享项目和配套服务, 包括学生自行车修理工, 自行车修理站,甚至为骑自行车上下班的人提供淋浴.



Parking is available on campus for those who choose to bring their cars. If you don't bring your car but want access to a vehicle for occasional use, 我们有几种汽车共享选择, 有些还为学生提供折扣. 我们也可以选择和其他学生一起拼车.





健康 & 咨询服务

Physical 和 mental health problems can derail a student's college experience. We combat that by providing physical 和 mental health services through our 健康 和 咨询中心. The center offers integrated 和 inclusive healthcare so students can maximize their opportunities at DU. 健康和咨询中心为所有学生提供服务.



卫生部门提供的医疗服务 & 咨询中心包括:

  • 日常保健
  • 紧急护理
  • 旅游健康
  • 免疫接种
  • 妇女的健康
  • 药店

我们提供咨询,帮助学生应对许多问题, 包括抑郁症, 药物滥用, 悲伤与学术动机



预防倡导中心 & 赋权

倡导预防中心 & 赋权 (CAPE) supports survivors of gender-based violence by advocating for victims of sexual assault, 暴力的关系, 跟踪和性骚扰. 服务包括:

  • 正规赌博十大平台排行选择和资源的教育
  • Assistance with reporting 和 navigating University, medical, criminal 和 legal systems
  • 协助安排学术住宿
  • 转介个人及/或团体辅导




We're dedicated to giving students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in our 项目, 课程及活动. We provide accommodations at no cost to students with documented disabilities. 服务包括:

  • 测试条件(例如:延长时间,尽量减少干扰)
  • 替代格式的文本和材料
  • 提前报名、补课、换课
  • 记录员,手语/口语翻译
  • 转介到其他服务和项目




154年,000-square-foot 安德森学术公地 is home to our main library 和 doubles as headquarters for our academic support services. The Academic Commons holds nearly eight linear miles of library collections 和 provides access to hundreds of databases. 有大量的小组自习室, 电脑和前廊咖啡馆, 安德森是我们学术生活的中心.